Investment plans

The HIRE EXPERT TRADER PLAN allows you earn 10% of your investment after a Period of 65 Minutes. The minimum investment for this plan is $2000.

The REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE PLAN, allows you earn 15% daily on your Investment. This plan qualifies you to become one of the companies regional representative in your country. The minimum Investment is $6000.

The RETIREMENT PLAN allows you earn 5% daily for 300 days. This plan is specially designed for pensioners and people who love to relax and watch their interest grow for a long time. The minimum investment for this plan is $10,000.

The BEGINNERS PLAN, allows you earn 20% after 4 days. This plan does not support reinvesting. The Minimum investment for this plan is $500.

The NOVICE PLAN allows you earn 3% after only 24 hours. This plan is only a trial Plan and expires immediately after your withdrawal. The Minimum investment for this plan is $200

The COMPANY LEADER PLAN allows you earn 60% weekly. This plan Makes you leader of our branch in your Country, gives you access to control Funds from investors in your country whilst also qualifying you for monthly payment for leaders world wide working for Lex Capitals. The minimum investment For This Plan is $30,000


Minimum $2000

10% Profit After 65 Minutes

Instant Payments


Minimum $6000

5% first time bonus.

Instant Withdrawal Anytime.

5% Lifetime

Minimum $10000

Company Leader Plan
60% weekly

Minimum Investment $30000

Withdraw weekly.

Beginners Plan (4 days)
20% after 4 days

$500 minimum Invest

Novice Plan (24 hours)
3% after 24 Hours

Minimum $200