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Questions and answers


  • What is a Bitcoin?

    In simple words it is a brand new kind of decentralized electronic currency, which can be used in the Internet only.

  • I want the real money, not the electronic ones!

    Oh, but it is that simple! Due to its sound liquidity crypto-currency is easily exchanged to real money at a very appealing rate.

  • What is the source of your company’s income?

    Lex Capitals Focuses majorly on binary Options trading. Currently we have amassed a total sum of 793 expert traders in our network constantly trading real-time. Aside this, Vast majority of our partners comes from the Field of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with close partnerships with venture capitalists, hedge funds, and big Mining Farms across Asia and Europe.

  • Is LEX CAPITAL officially registered company?

    Yes. It is. The entity was registered as an investment company in London in 2017. All investors can check details on CompaniesHouse's website: Companies House

  • Who can become companies Investor/Representative?

    Absolutely Anyone can become the company’s investor it does not matter whether you are a business man or not, all you need is to register and get started. The minimum Investment to get started as a representative is $5000 buy a seat into the companies decision makers board, choose on how you wish to earn and when you want to get paid manage and control offices opened in your region and get paid up to $25,000 monthly including bonuses and vacations.

  • How long will your company work?

    For a long time, we hope. We have gained unique six-years experience of success in dealing with cryptocurrencies. We are officially registered investment company since 2017. Our achievements as well as constant increase of investment plan and our will to work hard are an evidence of our further successful development.

  • How to become a client of LEX CAPITAL?

    It is incredibly simple! All you need to do is to register at our website, contribute money in any convenient way and that makes you become our partner.

  • When do I start gaining income?

    Your money starts growing after your deposit has been confirmed successful on our platform and earnings will always appear when it is due time.

  • Can I make several accounts?

    Yes. It is possible.

  • Can my family members become investors as well?

    Anyone over 18 years old may become our partner.

  • How do I invest?

    It is incredibly simple. You need to register at our website, choose one of the three investment plans and make a deposit.

  • How do I register in the payment system you work with?

    Just follow the rules of registration of an online payment system.
    Below we have listed the websites of online payment services we work with.

  • What is the currency using for clearing payments and financial transactions?

    The main currency of our website is BTC (Bitcoin).
    You can make your investment through 4 payment systems we work with.
    Make your investment through If you don't have BTC, you may use Perfect Money, AdvCash or Payeer to make your investment. In this case, your USD deposit will be converted to BTC. Withdrawal of your profits is performed in the same way. You may withdraw your BTC through or Perfect Money, AdvCash and Payeer (BTC will be converted to USD and transferred to your electronic wallet).

  • How much time does it take to add deposit in my account?

    Deposit via Perfect Money, Payeer or AdvCash will be credited immediately. In case you make a deposit via Bitcoin, your deposit will be credited after 3 - 6 confirmations (processing time: 30 - 120 minutes).

  • I have sent money for a while, but it hasn’t been added to my account. What can I do?

    In this case, you need to contact us and let us know your username as well as payment information.

  • Can I earn profit on weekends?

    Yes. You can earn profit 7 days a week.

  • Can I get my deposit back at the end of investment period?

    It depends on which investment plan you choose. In case you made the deposit with the plan "2% daily for 10 days", you will get it back. Otherwise, it is included in your profits.

  • If my partners make deposits from account balance, is it possible to receive a commission reward?

    No. It's impossible. The commission reward is only calculated when your partners make deposits via payment systems directly.

  • Is there any fee for making deposits and withdrawing funds?

    No. There's no hidden fee.

  • When can I get the money out?

    At anytime. The main rule is that amount of money should exceed the minimum threshold of 0.0002 ВТС.

  • How can I get the money out?

    To get your money out you may use any of the instant online payment systems offered at our website, such as Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Advcash.

  • How quickly can I get the money out of the website?

    You need to create on your own a request for getting money out and the payment will be immediately transferred to your electronic wallet. In case of errors of the payment systems, the payment may be delayed for over 24 hours.

  • What is the possibility of losing my money?

    We wish we could say there is none, however, only the frauds can give such a ‘guarantee’. There is always a probability of investment loss in any business. However, in case of investment in LEX CAPITAL this probability is minimal. It is so small that we are ready to act as a kind of guarantor of your contribution.

  • Is it dangerous to make financial transactions at your website and how safe is my personal data?

    We pride in safety level of our website. We use a lot of safety certificates from various international companies dealing in protection of personal data. You may see the list of certificates at the homepage of the website.

  • Is there a referral program at your website?

    Yes. The company has a three-level referral program. Terms and conditions of referral cooperation are listed on “Partners” page.

  • How does this referral program work?

    To receive a commission of the referral program you need to bring a new partner to the website who would use your referral link while creating an account and making a contribution.

  • Can I become an official representative?

    Yes, you are welcome to. If you want to become our official representative just click on "Upgrade" button to send your information and our managers will give you all the necessary information on this matter. Moreover, for intensive participation in company development as a partner, you are liable to a bonus, for detailed information see “Partners” page.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please, contact us through the feedback form.