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Think of Investing as a Business and not a Gamble. Investing is buying into your future a Day that you don’t have to work again!.

LEX CAPITAL is an investment-brokerage and online money investment service provider, LexCapital manages assets of private individuals, pension plans, trust accounts, & institutions. Our mission is to bring smarter financial services to anybody regardless of age or Net worth! Our cross-knowledge strength comes from our different background as entrepreneurs, legal and financial professionals. Lex Capitals is the first and largest UK-based exchange that offers a limited risk, low cost, and legal way to trade binary options and spreads. Your funds are secure in top UK banks, not offshore. Lex Capitals is regulated and transparent and gives individual traders like you a level playing field. With Lex Capitals, you can open an account easily and a trader will be assigned to you quickly to help you manage and trade your funds depending on your choosing Plan on our platform.

Lex Capitals Focuses majorly on binary Options trading. Currently we have amassed a total sum of 793 expert traders in our network constantly trading real-time. Aside this, Vast majority of our partners comes from the Field of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with close partnerships with venture capitalists, hedge funds, and big Mining Farms across Asia and Europe.

Binary Options are predictions on how a certain product will do over a certain period of time. With binaries, a trader will attempt to successfully forecast the future price of a particular product.

Unlike traditional FX and CFD trading, binary options have only two possible outcomes: either the event occurs by a certain time or it does not. One can think of a binary as an event with two outcomes: one being “yes” in that the outcome was as predicted, the other “no” meaning the outcome was not as predicted. The word ‘binary’ itself means ‘involving’ two, which for binary options refers to the two possibilities.

A binary option yields a fixed amount or nothing at all. For example, a trader invests a fixed amount of funds on a binary option; if that option is successful the trader makes a fixed amount of profit, if the option is unsuccessful the trader only loses his invested amount, thus making binary option investing a straightforward investment product. Thus, on any Binary trade you cannot lose more than the amount you invested on the particular trade. The profit if successful is usually a certain percentage of your trade amount. Trading Binary Options is a straightforward, and quick way to invest into the capital markets.

Our main goal is to earn money. We hope it is yours as well. So let us earn it together. All you need is to define the amount of capital investment and choose one of the three investment plans.

  • Stable investment

    Only three investment plans with stability and profitability! The simplest and most understandable
    conditions – nothing complicated.

  • Flexible limits

    Choose simply the plan that suits your lifestyle and start earning. Become one of our Regional Representatives from your country, decide how and choose when you want to get paid, Join our decision Making board and Zoom up your lifestyle.

  • Instant payments

    All financial transactions, your income payments included, are made through the most reliable services of instantaneous electronic payments, which guarantee no shady schemes of deposits and getting money out.

  • Top-notch protection

    All of your financial and personal data is reliably protected by SSL certificate and intensified measures of security for commercial websites.

  • 791 days online
  • 2194 total account
  • $3 6744789.73 total deposit
  • $4965527.68 total withdrawal
Borrowing System
investor can decide to borrow from our system and add to what he/she wants to invest. For example, Mr yash has $1000 to invest but he wants to invest $2000 because he is expecting a payment in a couple of days, Mr Yash can simply borrow $1000 on our system by Saving a deposit of $2000 after making the initial $1000 deposit, Very simple. Mr Yash is expected to complete his debt on or before the date that he’s first Payment will be due for withdrawal.
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    bring smarter financial services to anybody

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Who are the Founders and body Guiding Lex Capitals ?

Lex Capitals is a joint-owned subsidiary of Eric Balusek and Craig Loithan a UK-based derivatives trading company.Lex Capitals is part of the FTSE 250 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Registered office address The Station Masters' House 168 Thornbury Road, Osterley Village, Isleworth, Middlesex, United Kingdom, TW7 4QE


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